What are Mala Beads?

Mala is a Sanskrit word, meaning garland. They are traditional prayer beads which have been worn for thousands of years in Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga.

  • They contain spiritual and healing qualities and are used as a tool for certain types of meditation.

  • Mala’s help to calm the mind and body so meditation can be accessible and more meaningful.

  •  Most of our Malas are made with 108 rudraksha seeds and/or semi precious stones along with an additional bead called a Guru Bead, this is the 109th bead of the string.

Why 108?

108 is a sacred and spiritual number.

  • The ancient Upanishads text has 108 chapters.

  • 27 constellations by 4 parts which is 108.

  • The 12 zodiac signs by 9 planets is 108. • The Ganges river also is known to have 108 names.

  • It is said there are 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. In Buddhism 108 is said to represent the following formula : 6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108

  • 6 senses of a human being: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought

  • 3 times : past, present, future

  • 2 conditions of the heart, mind or intention: pure or impure

  • 3 emotional states (kleshias): like, dislike, indifference

      Who Wears Them?

      Mala beads are for everyone! Our Mala Beads have been worn by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and you’ll also find them on:

      • Yoginis/Yogis - Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, Eoin Finn

      • Musicians - Michael Franti, Natalie Imbruglia, Xavier Rudd, Dustin Thomas

      • Actors - Johnny Depp

      • Surfers - Kelly Slater

      You’ll even see them featured in high style fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Italy.

      How to you Choose a Mala?

      Use your intuition! It truly is our best guide, you will be drawn to a certain stone, look and/or feel. This is the right Mala for you.

      • You can also choose based on your current yoga or meditation practice i.e. if you need grounding you can choose a Mala with Agate or Smokey Quartz, both stones are excellent for grounding.

      • Another approach is to choose based on color so you will be drawn to keeping it with you throughout the day or you would be happy to see it on your shrine. Colour is another powerful guide if you are working with your chakras i.e. you may choose a blue stone such as turquoise to work on the throat chakra for communication or self expression.

      What are they made with?

      Our products with Semi-Precious gemstones, rudraksha (said rud-ruck-sha) and Rudrani seeds. Each seed and semi-precious gemstone contains beneficial physical, emotional and spiritual qualities. They also have a unique energy, intention and chakra correspondence.

      Is this Sustainable?

      Yes! Our Mala Makers pride themselves on sustainable, ethical and fair trade business practices. Our rudraksha seeds are grown on sustainable plantations throughout South East Asia and a percentage of profits are distributed back to the farmers. We also we are committed to donating a % of profits to local charities.

      Where are they made?

      Our Mala Earth by Aum Rudraksha Designs range of Mala Bead Necklaces & Bracelets are lovingly handcrafted and blessed in Bali. At times we also stock special limited edition pieces from other talented Mala Makers around the world.

      Who are we?

      Mala Earth is based in Auckland, New Zealand we are a small Mum and Daughter team who believe everyone can benefit from wearing these beautiful pieces, this really is “jewellery for your soul”.

      ... a few of our current favourites ...!