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The Blog | We Must Play February 09 2018

Do you play? Adults need playtime just as much as kids do.  Find out why play is as important as sleep to make time for.




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5 Steps to Create the Perfect Meditation Space December 07 2017

Don't let not having a meditation space be a reason for skipping your meditation practice. Learn how to create the perfect (within budget) meditation space for you with these 5 tips. 

The Blog | Ganesha November 27 2017

"Don't tell your Ganesha how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your Ganesha is." - unknown

Ganesha is who you speak to before starting any new endeavour, he protects cars and homes, and guarantees victory in human accomplishments. Ganesha, the most popular Hindu deity is full of meaning. Have a read here to find out what makes him so special and a must have for all meditation spaces.

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The Blog | What are Mudras November 16 2017

This is a great resource for anyone wanting to know what mudras are and what meaning each buddha statue holds.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Jess Smith November 08 2017

Jess Smith - Ocean & Sweat, Cooking & Motherhood, Yoga & Grounding. Creator of Jess Smith Yoga in Christchurch, NZ. 


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The Blog | The Motivation Factor October 29 2017

If you're anything like me motivation isn't always as bountiful as you might hope. Click here to see where I lack motivation, why it happens and some tricks to turn things around.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Sunniva Holt October 18 2017

"Get obsessed with your life" - Sunniva Holt. Are you in need of some money making, health promoting inspiration then have a read here. Sunniva Holt is a serial entrepreneur, mum to one, writer, speaker, coach, and health advocate who loves the hustle.



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The Blog | 7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To September 25 2017

Here are Mala Earth we are HUGE fans of podcasts. Our passion runs deep so we have taken the time to make sure you all are up to date with what we feel are the must listen to podcasts of the moment. Have a read, have a listen and enjoy.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Hannah Jensen September 15 2017

We got a chance to catch up with the amazingly talented Hannah Jensen before the release of her solo art show 'WILD: IN THE MAKING' which opens 6th October 2017 at Endemicworld in Ponsonby. She's an inspiration. Have a read here to find out why. 



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