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The Blog | We Must Play February 09 2018

Do you play? Adults need playtime just as much as kids do.  Find out why play is as important as sleep to make time for.




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5 Steps to Create the Perfect Meditation Space December 07 2017

Don't let not having a meditation space be a reason for skipping your meditation practice. Learn how to create the perfect (within budget) meditation space for you with these 5 tips. 

The Blog | Ganesha November 27 2017 1 Comment

"Don't tell your Ganesha how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your Ganesha is." - unknown

Ganesha is who you speak to before starting any new endeavour, he protects cars and homes, and guarantees victory in human accomplishments. Ganesha, the most popular Hindu deity is full of meaning. Have a read here to find out what makes him so special and a must have for all meditation spaces.

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The Blog | What are Mudras November 16 2017

This is a great resource for anyone wanting to know what mudras are and what meaning each buddha statue holds.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Jess Smith November 08 2017

Jess Smith - Ocean & Sweat, Cooking & Motherhood, Yoga & Grounding. Creator of Jess Smith Yoga in Christchurch, NZ. 


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The Blog | The Motivation Factor October 29 2017

If you're anything like me motivation isn't always as bountiful as you might hope. Click here to see where I lack motivation, why it happens and some tricks to turn things around.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Sunniva Holt October 18 2017

"Get obsessed with your life" - Sunniva Holt. Are you in need of some money making, health promoting inspiration then have a read here. Sunniva Holt is a serial entrepreneur, mum to one, writer, speaker, coach, and health advocate who loves the hustle.



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The Blog | 7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To September 25 2017

Here are Mala Earth we are HUGE fans of podcasts. Our passion runs deep so we have taken the time to make sure you all are up to date with what we feel are the must listen to podcasts of the moment. Have a read, have a listen and enjoy.



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Community Spotlight | People Love - Hannah Jensen September 15 2017

We got a chance to catch up with the amazingly talented Hannah Jensen before the release of her solo art show 'WILD: IN THE MAKING' which opens 6th October 2017 at Endemicworld in Ponsonby. She's an inspiration. Have a read here to find out why. 



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Community Spotlight | People Love | Nik Robson August 16 2017

 This month we bring to you Nik Robson, a Kiwi living and teaching Yoga in Bali. Who we were very lucky to get to meet up with him while we were there.


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Community Spotlight | People Love - Helene Taito-Jensen July 10 2017

Discover Helene Taito-Jensen; animal rights activist, yoga teacher, lululemon ambassador, creator of Mind Monkey Relaxation and promoter of compassionate, plant based living.


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Bali Blog Series | Our Mala Makers at Aum Rudraksha Designs June 29 2017 1 Comment

Our Mala Makers Aum Rudraksha (AUM) designs hold a special place in our hearts. This blog gives you an insight in to why these pieces really are magical and the beautiful people who specially create each piece. 

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Bali Blog Series | Our WHY June 29 2017

We love what we do and who we do it with. Here is a little look inside our WHY. 


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Bali Blog Series | A Month in Bali... June 29 2017

Mala Earth creator Rebecca Agent has spent the last month in Bali meeting with our Mala Makers AUM Rudraksha Designs to learn more about their operations, and exactly what it is that makes things tick inside the business. 

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Community Spotlight | People Love - Josh Kramer June 12 2017

This month we bring you Josh  Kramer.  Josh - the guy who is handstanding around the world. Meeting fellow travelers, practicing and teaching yoga, and pursuing a life “on the road”. For him there is always another dream, another beach, another adventure and another place to flip himself upside down so we wanted to know more and bring it to you. Enjoy! 


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Mindfulness Video 5 : Meditation - Embracing Mindfulness & Meditation in the Everyday May 31 2017 1 Comment

This is the last in our Video Series on Mindfulness and Meditation so click in to find out how to bring your new Meditation Practice out into the world...  

Mindfulness Blog 5 : 10 Tips for Mindful Living May 28 2017 1 Comment

Mala Earth Mindfulness May - 10 Tips for Mindful Living

You'll find our top 10 Tips for Mindful Living in this post and remember...

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn   


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Mindfulness Video 4 : Meditation - Tools to Calm the Mind May 25 2017

Mala Earth Meditation Video - Tools to Calm the Mind

Check out the fourth in our Video Series on Mindfulness and Meditation and find a few tools to help calm the mind and find the space for your Meditation Practice when you experience excitement, resistance or frustration.... 


Mindfulness Blog 4 : The Benefits and Rewards of Mindful Living May 23 2017

Find out what the research is telling us about the benefits and rewards we can experience using Mindfulness Techniques in our everyday. 


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Mindfulness Video 3 : Meditation - Using a Mala May 20 2017

Mala Earth Meditation Video - Usng a MalaCheck out the third in our Video Series on Mindfulness and Meditation and find out how to use a Mala to complement your meditation practice...  

Mindfulness Blog 3 : Practicing Mindful Living (Part 2) May 16 2017

Mala Earth Mindfulness : Practicing Mindful Living (Part 2)

Find here the next instalment of bringing Mindful Meditation into our everyday lives!

Part 2. Taking Mindful Meditation into Everyday Life 


Community Spotlight | People Love - Emma Mildon May 15 2017

This month we caught up with the fabulous Emma Mildon - Spiritual Personal Assistant aka PA for your soul, International Columnist, #1BestSelling Author, and spiritual philanthropist. We are obsessed with everything this girl does. Have a read a see why.



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Mindfulness Blog 3 : Practicing Mindful Living (Part 1) May 12 2017

Mindful Meditation

This is where the rubber hits the road (so to speak) and we really get down to the business of practicing Mindful Living! We have broken this into two parts:

Part 1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Video 2 : Meditation - Choosing a Mantra May 09 2017

Mala Earth Meditation Video - MantraCheck out the second in our Video Series on Mindfulness and Meditation and find tips to help you choose a Mantra...