Whispers from the Soul - Choosing Your Crystals January 24 2015 2 Comments

Why are we attracted to crystals? In part it is because of their natural beauty. It’s amazing see these wonderful stones, harvested from the earth, they naturally glitter and shine, and come in all colors imaginable. But often we will find that there is “something more” about them, and particular stones seem to speak to us. For thousands of years, humans have witnessed a variety of metaphysical powers of these gifts from the earth. Crystals are becoming popular again as tools for grounding, healing, heart opening protection, connection with the divine, and the list goes on. 

So, how to choose a crystal? Some people are simply attracted to the aesthetics of a stone, which is a good place to start. If one simply seems to shine brighter, or appear more attractive, then it is likely a good stone for you. Often, people will search for a crystal based on its metaphysical property. Many stones share properties, and many stones have multiple properties. Internet searches, or browsing crystal reference books may be a good place to start. Again, if you’ve found several types of crystals that suit your needs, choose the one that feel right or speaks to you, not necessarily the one that fits your prescription best. If you have the opportunity to shop for crystals in person, take some time to handle the crystal and see which ones feel right when you handle them.

Stones may speak to you, even though you might not feel a connection to its metaphysical properties. It could be that the stone will be useful to you in the future, or even to someone else. I was gifted a little watermelon tourmaline by a crystal shop owner during my travels, and I thought to myself, I have no connection to this stone, so why did he give it to me? A few days later, I was showing a friend the stones I had gotten, and this little tourmaline landed in his hand. My friend immediately felt a heart connection to this powerful stone. This stone was meant for him - I was only the messenger.

When I first read about the candle quartz (also called celestial or pineapple quartz), I was excited and thought immediately, “I need to get one of those”. The photo of it spoke to me. It is a powerful tool to access the wisdom within. At the crystal shop, I was directed to the candle quartz and I knew which one I wanted straight away. This specimen from Madagascar has a natural point that is delicately colored with a dusty rose hue. The crystal lights up in the middle like a candle when held to the light.Candle Quartz Crystal

When I took this crystal with me to meditate in nature, and was delighted to feel its power, and received energy through it when holding it with the point facing me. When the point is directed away, I could feel the negative energies leaving, and a powerful grounding sensation. Just sitting with the crystal, a couple of powerful messages came to me. One was, “You are everything you need to be. There is no need for effort or trying to become.” During this time of soul searching and finding my purpose in life, this message was a beautiful gift. The second message, just as clear was, “You have the capacity to be an amazing mother.” Although I don’t have children, as a woman over 30, motherhood has been on my mind often. And just like any woman does, I have anxieties about my capability to be a mother. This message was another beautiful gift. 

Do I believe the crystal was speaking to me? No, these were messages from within. Crystals can encourage channels to open, and light to shine on your soul’s wisdom. When you find the right stone for you, all you need to do is take the time to listen.

Meghan Asher - Canadian Registered Nurse, Flamenco Dancer, Yogi, Dreamer, Crystal Lover