Love is a Vibration February 14 2015

As Valentine’s day approaches,  Love is the topic on many people’s minds. When we think about love, often it’s a romantic love we think of, or love for family, siblings, parents, children, friends and pets. However the most important person that you need to send love to is your Self.

Whether we know it or not, we are all souls in our search for love. From the most hardened criminal, to the world leaders, each and every one of us yearns for love. The problem is that we become conditioned to believe that we are disconnected from Love and that we need external love and gratification. People search to fulfill this in so many different ways - you probably already know that consumerism, sex, food, drugs are examples of ways that people attempt to fill the void. Some people also give to others too much, and they don’t allow themselves to receive love. Unfortunately, many people are looking in all of the wrong places, and don’t let real Love in.

I’ll share a little secret though - you already have endless amounts of Love.  Love is at the core of every person’s being. Love is the beautiful frequency that connects all of us. Connecting into Love is something that each and every one of us can do with a little practice and mindfulness. Many people do this already, without even realising it!YouAreLoved

We connect to Love when we take a stroll in nature. We connect to Love when we see a beautiful sunset, hug a puppy, or hear a beautiful piece of music. This type of Love has no attachments, no expectations and no limits! Pure joy like this can be found internally in every moment that we are present and connect to ourselves.

Especially in this season, take the time to connect into Love. Take the time to meditate, walk in nature, or spend time with your favorite little creature, or doing your favorite thing. When you connect to that feeling, see what it feels like in your chest, notice how your body relaxes a little bit, and really experience the sensation fully. Now imagine this sensation of Love, and send it to yourself. Love yourself in the same way you love that puppy or the amazing view. You truly are amazing, and deserving of all of the Love in the world! If you struggle with this exercise, start with something small. Congratulate yourself on something you did well. Think about something you really like about yourself. It gets easier with practice!

Sending Love to yourself can only make you a happier, more confident person. You will find that you can love others more easily, and let go of judgments. When you practice this, you will find that your supply of Love is truly limitless!

Meghan Asher - Canadian Registered Nurse, Flamenco Dancer, Yogi, Dreamer, Crystal Lover