Introducing Mindfulness May

Mala Earth Mindfulness May

We are excited to announce that Mala Earth in collaboration with Yoga with Me NZ are preparing to roll out a month long Blog and Video series called 'Mindfulness May'. Founders Rebecca (Mala Earth) and Shirley (Yoga with Me) both can't wait to share all their learnings and to practice alongside you throughout the month. Mala Earth also features Helene Taito-Jensen a wonderful Yoga Teacher who is our Meditation Guide as we introduce Meditation as a tool for Mindfulness.

To set the scene, we will be diving into the realms of Mindfulness by exploring what the research is telling us and presenting to you how we can incorporate Mindfulness activities into our every dayThis is a snapshot of what you can expect on the Blog...

Mala Earth - Mindfulness Blog Series:
  1. Mindfulness: What is it
  2. Mindfulness: How to Get Started
  3. Mindfulness: Practicing Mindful Living (Part 1 / Part 2)
  4. Mindfulness: The Benefits and Rewards of Mindful Living
  5. Mindfulness: Tips for Mindful Living in Everyday Life
Mala Earth – Mediation Video Series:
  1. Meditation – 5 Tips to Get You Started
  2. Meditation – Choosing a Mantra
  3. Meditation – Using a Mala
  4. Meditation – Introducing Tools to Calm the Mind
  5. Meditation – Embracing Mindfulness & Meditation in the Everyday

We truly can’t wait to share what we have learned and hope that you will try some of the tools and techniques with us as we move through the series this May! You can also follow Mala Earth on Instagram and signup for our Newsletter to receive the Blog and Video content right to your inbox.

Rebecca Agent - Founder of Mala Earth, MBA, Sustainability Advocate, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Yogini and Traveller