Mindfulness Video 1: Meditation - 5 Tips to Get You Started

This the first of five Video Blogs on Mindfulness and Meditation. If you have just joined us now, welcome! We are currently taking the month of May to dig into Mindfulness. Feel free to jump back to our first 2 post in this series Introducing Mindfulness and what you can expect from this series and What Mindfulness is. This first Video in the series introduces 5 tips to help you get started with a meditation practice at home...

Our 5 Tips

  1. Find a suitable place to sit with good airflow
  2. Dedicate this space to your meditation practice
  3. Find an easy seat
  4. User a timer (Suggested app http://www.i-qi-clock.com/)
  5. Practice Patience


  • Setup your Space
  • Sit for 2-3 minutes
  • Be an Observer

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