Mindfulness Video 2: Meditation - Choosing a Mantra

Welcome to the second of five Video Blogs on Mindfulness and Meditation. This second Video in the series introduces how to choose a Mantra to complement your Meditation Practice. If you haven't watched the first video in the series head there now then continue with this edition when you're finished.


Suggested Mantras

  1. 'I am Love', inspired by a feeling)
  2. 'I Approve of Myself', inspired by the author Louise Hay
  3. 'I am Fearless', inspired by the I am Fearless Mala by Mala Earth
  4. 'Soham', said 'so-hum' Sanskrit translates to 'I am That'
  5. 'Breathing In, I am br Breathing In. Breathing Out, I am Breathing Out', inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh


  • Choose a Mantra
  • Sit with it for 3-5 minutes daily

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