Mindfulness Video 3: Meditation - Using a Mala

Welcome to the third of five Video Blogs on Mindfulness and Meditation. This third Video in the series introduces how to use a Mala to complement your Meditation Practice. If you haven't watched the first or second videos in the series now then continue with this edition when you're finished.


Meditation with a Mala

Japa and Ajapa-Japa means to repeat or remember a Mantra, with the aim to embed it's meaning and feeling into the subconscious mind.
  • Japa means Outloud with Sound
  • A Japa-japa, means Inside without Sound


    • Practice repetition with a Mala using Japa and Ajapa-Japa Meditation
    • Use a timer or bead count for your daily practice


    What are Malas and How to Choose Yours

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