Mindfulness Blog 5: 10 Tips for Mindful Living

Mala Earth Mindfulness May - 10 Tips for Mindful Living

What an amazing journey we have been on throughout Mindfulness May, learning what Mindfulness is, what tools and techniques we can incorporate into our everyday along with all the incredible benefits and rewards of Mindfulness. As we wrap this journey you will find here our top 10 tips for Mindful Living.

    10 Tips for Mindful Living

    1. Set aside Quiet time Everyday
    2. Connect with People
    3. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature
    4. Change your Daily Routine
    5. See the Wonder of the Present Moment
    6. Listen to Unpleasant Emotions
    7. Remember thoughts aren’t facts
    8. Be Grateful Everyday
    9. Use Technology Mindfully
    10. Breathe and Smile

    Continuing the Journey

    Remember you can continue the mindful journey by checking out books, videos, and websites such as:

    Retreats that have a Mindfulness focus can also be a wonderful way to reconnect to your practice along with meeting others who are passionate and curious about Mindfulness to.

    We wish you all the best of your journey and stay connected, as we will continue to post on the Blog about Mindfulness and related topics, and remember...

    “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn

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