5 Steps to Create the Perfect Meditation Space

Why Create a meditation space

We have spaces in our home that remind us to do many different things... A dining space to remind us to sit and eat, a bed space to remind us to sleep peacefully and a desk space to remind us to do the admin of life. Having a meditation space works in a similar way. It is a reminder to us to take time for mindfulness, it gives us the feeling a stillness from just walking by or seeing it. Reminding us of the benefits taking the time to do your mindful work brings to our lives.

Steps to Creating the Perfect Meditation Space

Make a Space

A meditation space does not need to be an entire room. Just a lovely peaceful corner will do. Actually, the space doesn’t even have to be indoors. A beautiful spot in the garden is perfect for building your area of tranquility. All you need is small area that makes you feel calm.

Make it Beautiful

A comfortable chair or cushion is a great place to start. Adornments that speak to what you are to be reminded of. Nice peaceful lightening be it natural or from candles. Mala beads for meditation focus. Bring in your favourite smells or sounds. In my space, I have candles with my favourite smells. I also have these gorgeous Buddha’s that symbolise enlightenment, balance and fearlessness. I have my favourite crystals of Citrine and Rose Quartz for when I am manifesting abundance and filling my heart with love. I also have a beautiful green plant that makes the area feel alive and fresh. Most importantly you just want to build your space in a way that makes you feel calm and still.

Make it Alive 

Add an element of nature to make your space breathe and connect you back to mother earth. Maybe your space is by a window where the sun shines in or you get an amazing view of the moon. Maybe you keep a vase with your favourite flowers. In my space, I have a beautiful green palm that I love and that thrives in the space.

Make the Space Sacred

By this I mean don’t use this space for any reason other than meditation, stillness and mindful practices such as yoga. Keep it special, the space in your house that isn’t ever busied with hectic stressful energy. Somewhere that everyone knows they can go to relax and escape the daily stresses, if even just for a moment.

Make it Happen

People often use lack of space or money as reasons for not making it happen. This doesn’t have to be the case. It can be as simple as turning your bathtub in your meditation space. Reuse and recycle furniture or cushions. No need to buy new. Have one very special adornment or crystal instead of many. Maybe it looks like a beautiful shell you found at the beach that speaks to you. It doesn’t need to be something purchased. The more uncluttered the space the better.

A few of our favourite meditation spaces:


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