The Blog : A New Year Reset January 22 2017

New Year Reset - Nomad NutritionHow do you feel kicking off into the New Year? Are you feeling heavy from a bit of overindulgence?? Did you step outside of your usual eating and drinking patterns?!

Or were you as committed to maintaining a healthy diet as Richard Branson? He comments in a recent post about Pledging to eat well between Christmas and New Year "There is a saying that goes around at this time of year. "Don't worry what you eat between Christmas and New Year." Actually, it is what you eat between New Year and Christmas that really matters. I'll be making it one of my resolutions to maintain a healthy diet in 2017, which will put me in good shape to achieve my other goals too."

Unlike Richard Branson I didn't set myself up for this kind of success with a commitment to watch myself during the Christmas New Year' period. In fact I very much lived by the saying of "Don't worry what you eat between Christmas and New Year", where I enjoyed every cheese platter, chips and dip, glasses of bubbles, big dinner and desert plates and do you know what? I DON"T FEEL GUILTY, not for one hot extra serving of desert second at all! For me it's a fabulous time of year to be relaxed and completely fancy free :)

So, with that said, I still have been eager to get back to my usual routine of frequent, small light and nourishing meals. This is a strategy that really suits my body. I eat virtually nothing processed, am nearly 90% plant based and I'm proud to say I've dropped around 8kgs over the last year as a result of committing to what nourishes my body. To do this (after years of feeling energetically flat, chubby and frustrated) I started by changing the groceries I brought which directly impacted the food I prepared and therefor ate.

During the last year I saw this quote online that "abs start in the kitchen" and I can certainly attest to the truth in this. But with my indulgent and very much enjoyable Christmas / New Years with family and friends, I was looking for a way to cleanse and reset as I begin to plan for and setup the year. I don't know about you, but I am totally ready to accomplish some of those audacious goals I have recently set (more on that topic later!) and know that a healthy lifestyle is one of the greatest platforms to set me up for achieving this.

So, here are a few things that have really worked well for me... I hope they might help you in kicking off the new year feeling refreshed, healthy and revitalised...

The Cleanse

I cleanse once a month for 3 days and have done this for the last six months or so. These few days every month help me to relax my digestive system and completely reset and realign eating patterns. Heading into 2017 I have committed to doing this for as long as I feel it's serving my body, mind and relationship to what truely nourishes me food-wise.

My choice of cleanses "is a nutritionist and naturopath design cleanse & renewal program" by Nomad Nutrition. The cleanse itself is built up with 6 raw beverages a day, all contain a specially chosen blend of fruit, vegetables, herbs, sprouted nuts and seeds and exotic super foods. I absolutely love Nomad, all the way from their beautiful website, informative ebook they send you before your cleanse and all the delicious beverages.

Being more of a seasoned cleanser I take on the Green Cleanse system, and with the recent summer edition including ingredients such as kale, avocado, blue spirulina, kefir water, green tea & lotus blossom, dandelion, super mushroom mix and more, I am always left feeling completely supported and nourished throughout my journey. Curiously, I also become very aware just how much time I regain each day without having to think about or prepare food!

With testing a number of programmes including having 'done it myself', there is much to know about cleansing including all the benefits so I'll dedicate another blog post to this topic soon ...

Move in Nature

Mother nature is Queen! Get out in it, and especially get out and move your body with loved ones and friends. It doesn't matter the season, they are all beautiful. Winter and it's crisp fresh mornings, summer and the long lazy light filled evenings. Head out on a hike, trail run, bike ride or SUP session around the coastline or whatever it is that you enjoy or I dare you to try something new!

Carrie Barron M.D. writes in her Psychology Today article that "movement in natural settings enhances creative capacity and elevates mood" and that "the active body gives rise to an observant, receiving, creative mind".

For me I feel most alive, happy and refreshed after time in nature where I've moved my body and connected with those I love. A real treat for me is when I can head off on a camping trip to be completely amongst nature soaking up starry nights, camp fire belly laughs and long days of movement with salt in my hair and the sand between my toes.

Mindful Breath

Most of us don't realise the incredible gift with we have with our breath. If fact it is the one absolute constant we have at the end of the day. It is with us from the time we are born until the very last moment we we are alive. If we stop for just a moment, to consider it, to feel it, to feel how shallow or deep it is in this moment. Then be curious and see how it may feel to take a deep refreshing inhale in and slow exhale out while noticing where tension might be in your body...

This kind of exploration of the breath, also known as breathwork, has been around for centuries, with roots in yoga, Tai Chi and Buddhism where people sought spiritual awakening, self-healing, and meditative relaxation through specific breathing techniques. Today however our breathing therapies & techniques got their start during the 'consciousness-raising' era of the 1960s and 1970s and continue to evolve and become mainstream and more widely accepted in western culture.

Breathwork is believed to support us in achieving a greater sense of self awareness, capacity for self-healing by improving mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and I'll certainly take a bit of that when looking at reseting myself for a New Year! Recently I came across a School of Greatness podcast by Lewis Howes, where he interviews Wim Hof on 'Mastering Your Breath, Body and Mind'. This really hit home for me just how powerful a tool a tool it is that we have. Check out Wim's 4 minute Stress Relief Breathing Method here

Oh and of course it goes without saying that to combine movement with breath it can really elevate your experience. Maybe take it out into nature too and find an outdoor yoga class as a part of your commitment to reset.

Know your Why

So why would you want to do any of this anyway !?? It is in this statement that we so often fail to deliver on our goals and desires. If we don't know why we really want to do it in the first place, why would we actually buy-in to getting it done!?

So get to it, identify your why... and as you think about it, do make sure to check out this simple and powerful model for inspirational leadership and finding your why below. We think Simon Sinek is onto something very important in his TEDx talk, and at at 30m views a few others seem to think so too !

We really do hope you give yourself the gift of a reset to start the New Year off on your best food. So commit to setting yourself up for success to move your 2017 goals forward with gusto, passion and inspiration... there is no time like now to get things started !!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandh

Rebecca Agent - Founder of Mala Earth, MBA, Sustainability Advocate, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Yogini and Traveller