Community Spotlight : People Love - Doug Moores April 19 2017

Usually I start this part of the blog with a bit about why we love Doug and how what he does resonates with us. I  could go on about how on the outside he comes off as a laid back surfer yogi but that the reality is he manages to balance his laidback-ness with running his own super interesting podcast while also teaching at both EastWest Yoga and Studio Red Yoga in Auckland.  However, I'm not going to start that way because what I received from him about him is way better than anything I could write. Enjoy!

My name is Doug Moores. I have a podcast DOUGIT and I teach yoga but spend most of my time procrastinating, checking the surf report and making porridge. I’m just a flawed monkey that has the same fears and needs and appetite for bananas as the rest of you. A tea teacher and friend Wu De said in Zen they have a principal of “no big deal me” which I really resonate with. I’m just a slightly happier, taller and luckier than normal blip in the big blip of existence. I also realize there’s many problems in the world that are opportunities to progress humanity forward. As progress is happiness and as I’m not dead yet I might as well spring out of bed into a cold shower, do something I’m scared to do, surf with my friends, make love, make smoothies, squeeze out the last last-minute adventure in everyday and share it with as many people as I can. Or do just the opposite, feel rubbish and have to exercise the demons away.

I love porridge, procrastination and recognise that I am also a little bit luckier blip so all that totally hits a resonation cord here. Below are a few questions we asked. I'm hyped on the book review as it was sitting in my audible wish list and will now be bought with my next credit. 

My favourite thing I'm doing right now is...

Learning to surf, thinking of creative business idea, dates (not the fruit but potentially fruity) and drinking tea – specifically learning the art of tea ceremony thanks to Wu De, Sam and Baelyn of Global Tea Hut

A must read book...

Sapiens. As endorsed by Obama, Gates, Zuckerberg and yours happily. Read it, it will be better than anything else you were thinking of doing. 

If I could only eat 1 food for the rest of my life...


In 5 years...

The world will eat mostly plants, cars will mostly drive themselves, most kids won’t go to university, I will be able to do a one arm handstand, NZ will be the most green innovative country in the world, hemp farms will replace dairy farms, I will look back at this article and realize I was way off but life in general is much better than before.

The biggest thing on my bucket list this year is...

Build my own house and start a new business to increase the health and happiness of NZ.

If I had 1 redo, I would...

I wouldn’t have gone to university and I would have failed more.

My favourite podcast right now is.... and why?

My podcast with Wu De is a life changer as Wu De is a real student of tea, zen and a lineage that has been going for thousands of years. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I’m also enjoying Peter Thiel on Conversations with Bill Kristol.

Right now I am most inspired by...

Andrew Laoili CEO of Be Pure and Michael Mayell. After we had a couple of great enthusiastic hilarious conversations on possibilities in business to change lives. Also, Wu De for the reasons above.

In what way are you the same as your childhood self?

I’m exactly the same. I just pretend like I know what’s going on but really I have no idea.

I get nervous when...

When I’m too comfortable and when I’m doing something new. I need to be nervous more and less comfortable. "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear." - Mark Twain

If this leaves you wanting to connect more with Doug or listen to his podcast then go here:

Podcast on itunes | Website | Instagram

We hope you enjoy this new series featuring people we love in our community! If you know of someone, or are that someone that would love to be featured, we would LOVE to hear from you !!

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