The Blog: How to Flip your Autumn Equinox Perspective March 20 2017

Mala Earth Spring EquinoxToday is Autumn Equinox. I don’t know about you but autumn equinox always bums me out a tad bit. Immediately my brain goes to “oh no… here comes the dark, and cold, and rain and all the things that don’t bring me happiness”.

But not this year, this year I'm going to flip my perspective on it. Let’s be real, it’s not going away, it’s coming regardless if we want it, and it’s happening all over again next year as well. So why am I continually letting myself get disappointed about something that actually holds a lot of positives?

So in honour of the great things, I’m starting some new autumn equinox rituals to celebrate this time of year.

Ritual #1: Space Clearing 

Autumn Equinox means the day is now in balance with the night. Space clearing is a celebration of balance. It’s the perfect time of year to look at the balance in your life. Do you have it? What can be cleared out to make more of it? Maybe it’s a goal that you have that doesn’t actually inspire you anymore or job or activity that isn't serving you.

This year I’m taking it quite literally. My goal is more balance within my house. Gone are all the things cluttering up my space that don’t bring me joy. I will start this season with less household mess making space for me to move, relax and rest (which is where the balance is missing from my life at the moment).

Ritual #2: Goal Re-energising

We often start the year with a raft of new goals, projects, resolutions and an updated dream board all ready to plow through at full steam. Autumn is the perfect time re-evaluate all the things you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.  How do those goals, projects, resolutions and dreams speak to you now? Are you still inspired by them? Or has something else come up in your life since then that you would rather focus on? Use this time to take a moment, sit down with those goals and breathe some new life into what you’re wanting to work for.

Ritual #3: Gratitude

You spent the time to plant the seed, water it and watch it grow. Now is the time to show gratitude for what you have created. Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done. Take the time to thank the people who have helped you along the way.  Take a break from the hustle and do something to celebrate your accomplishments. I might just give myself a 3 coffee Sunday.

Ritual #4: Recollection

This one is simple. Take the time to remember all the things you love about this season. For me it’s that longer nights mean earlier bedtimes and more sleep, I love throw blankets on the sofa, veggie soups, dogs on the beach all day long, cute boots and red wine.

Autumn… I’m ready for you!

Bex Murphy - Doer of all things at Mala Earth, community connector, social media superstar & most importantly mumma of two