Community Spotlight | People love - Jen Cuttance February 18 2017

Through mala beads, yoga, and just generally this rad health and wellness community we have in NZ we have been able to connect with the most amazing, interesting and inspirational people. In this new series our intention is that each month we focus on one of these amazing individuals, share everything we love about them and grow this inspiring community.

This month we would like to start the journey with the incredibly talented, warm hearted and beautiful Jen Cuttance, who is a bit of a fan of Mala Earth and has a few of our special pieces in her personal collection, the Peace Mala and the Inner Strength Mala.

Jen has been in the Fitness and Wellbeing industry full time for 9 years. She is a Personal Trainer, teaching dynamic/functional strength training, which focuses on correcting movement patterns, increasing strength and flexibility dramatically, as well as giving your cardio fitness a major boost. On top of her personal training experience she has also studied the 8 Limbs of Yoga with IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association). She teaches a 'Hatha Flow' style Yoga with emphasis on Pranayama (yoga) breathing, and correct movement patterns within your Yoga Asana practice.

Her passion lies with 'one on one' teaching. In that space she feels she can progress her clients at their pace. It also enables them to have in depth communication about the asanas (yoga postures), and all other aspects of their Yoga practice. Her clients vary from the extremely athletic to beginner. Jen says one of the most important aspects of one's Asana practice is to be engaging the correct muscle groups and this is really where the 'one on one' aspect of her teaching excels.

If that is not enough, she also teaches a Yoga Nidra (meditative practice for deep relaxation and healing). From my personal experience I can tell you that Yoga Nidra meditation is incredible. It leaves you feel calm, clear, relaxed and ready for a great night sleep.

You can find her leading this class on Monday evenings at movementLAB at 6:15pm. If you can’t catch the class, no sweat because she also has a YouTube channel with a free 24min Yoga Nidra practice, just lay down and listen!

I started teaching Yoga Nidra because...

I see so many people going full noise in their life, even in their Yoga practice! I see people training like a maniac and still not dropping the excess weight. In terms of weight loss, we need to lower our cortisol (stress hormone) first, in other words relax! In Yoga Nidra, not only will you lower your cortisol, but more importantly you deeply heal all facets of the self, the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

My favourite part of a yoga class is...

seeing everyone’s energy shift at the end of a class, calm, alert and compassionate.

Right now I am most inspired by...

my sister, single parenting and completely owning it!

As a teacher I can't live without...

constantly studying all things humanistic, it helps me to reach my full potential, so I can then help more people.

I incorporate Mala Beads into my life...

with my morning ritual which consists of putting my Mala necklace (or two) on. I think of the energy of the mala, as I place it over my head. It sets my intentions for the day. I also, always place my mala next to my mat as I practice, which again is a symbol of intentions.

If I could change one thing abut my practice it would be...

 to start a journal again with my meditations, I did it a little while ago and found it deepened my connection to the practice.

In 2017...

I plan to do more YouTube clips to add to my YouTube channel for Yoga, as well as Personal Training.

Home is...

I love this Quote from the Dalai Lama which is a Tibetan saying.

"Where ever you have friends that's your country, and where ever you receive love, that's your home."

How to connect with Jen.. 

Website | Instagram

We hope you enjoy this new series featuring people we love in our community! If you know of someone, or are that someone that would love to be featured, we would LOVE to hear from you !!

Bex Murphy - Doer of all things at Mala Earth, community connector, social media superstar & most importantly mumma of two