The Blog: 4 Essential Apps for a Successful Road Trip April 10 2017

Road trips. We love them. We are so excited during the lead up. We research everything. We’ve got all the places we’ll visit and people we’ll see sorted. We know where we can get the best pie and the quickest route there memorised.  The car is checked, snacks are packed, pillows perfectly positioned for comfort. We are ready to go. We slide in, we pick up all the mates and hit the open road.

We are having the best time for about an hour and then… the boredom sets in. You know it... the realisation that you're actually going to be sitting in that one seat for ages, the feeling of “are we there yet”, the traffic. So, to save you from road trip boredom we’ve got the 4 must have apps to beat the boredom and keep the party rolling all the way until the end. 


This is a no-brainer. Jams and road trips go hand in hand. But with this fancy app you don’t have to waste your time making playlist. They’ve done all the hard work for you. Is this a 90s music only road trip? Done. Creating a radio station based on your favourite band? Sorted. Are you going off grid and won’t have data connection? Not a problem. You can actually choose playlist, artist, albums and songs that you want to be able to listen to while offline. This is a free must take app though I highly recommend going premium and skipping all the ads.


If you haven’t checked out the world of podcasts yet then you really need to jump on this train. Personally, this is my #1 app. God I love it. Endless hours of learning, mindless listening, great stories, current events. Name it, it’s on there. My favourite podcasts is another blog post all together (watch this space) but I promise you many tedious hours can be proactively used with this one little download. Personally, I don’t got to the grocery store without it.

Conscious Consumer

One of the best things about traveling is food… New bars, restaurants, mom and pop bakeries. I love it all. But just because my diet is to the wayside doesn’t mean my conscious is. Even in a new location I want to know that my dollars are going to businesses who care about the planet and do everything they can to prioritise it. This app has a handy little gps map option. With a simple tap it will show you all the establishments near to you that are in line with your ethics. Not to mention you get to spread your love of these places that go above and beyond for the environment outside of your home neighbourhood. Win.

Travel Scavenger Hunt

We have just taken the ABC game to a whole other level. This a multiplayer game that lets you keep track of everyone’s point. The app ‘calls out’ things or words (you choose) for you to spot first. Click the name of the person who spotted it first to keep track of points. Play for hours in all kinds of sceneries.  It’s addictive, competitive and hours of fun.

Bex Murphy - Doer of all things at Mala Earth, community connector, social media superstar & most importantly mumma of two