The Blog | 7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To September 25 2017

Lets talk podcasts… Please tell me you have joined this party!? I’m obsessed. Possibly taken over my love of Netflix. I know, crazy. As a busy person in general who likes to learn, grow, and better themselves, or just a good old intriguing story but who doesn’t have time to read... podcasts are the jam.

As a mum, it’s like the best discovery since spill proof sippy cups. A good podcast improves everything. The endless neighbourhood walks, supermarket visit, heck even washing dishes can be enjoyable with a good podcast on. Obviously I feel very passionately about my podcasts so I've created a list of what I feel are the must listen to podcasts of 2017.

This American Life

Genre: Cool Stories.
What’s it about: This is a great place to start you podcast journey. As one of the most popular podcast out there it's basically impossible to not find an episode that interest you. Each episode explores a certain topic with real life stories backing up all sides of the issue. In narrative format these guys make what seems like the most uninteresting topics, fascinating.  
Must listen to Episode: #489 No Coincidences


Genre: Investigative Journalism
What’s it about: Brought to you by NPR, Embedded follows Journalist Kelly McEvers to the front line of some of the biggest news stories (mostly in America) that blew up the front pages then disappeared. She gets deep, real deep into each story which is finished within 1 episode. The highlight of this podcast is that by spending real time with its subjects, the podcast builds empathy that might change your assumptions about what's "right" or "wrong."
Must listen to Episode: The Police Videos Series

The Rich Roll Podcast

Genre: Personal & professtional development

What's it all about: Rich himself is reason enough to love this podcast. He's a vegan ultra marathon runner, basically fittest dude on earth, total overachiever with a sexy voice. His topics ranging from addiction, music, entrepreneurship, veganism, meditation, mindfulness and everything in between. Each episode he interviews some sort of big thinkers, positive change makers. 
Must listen to episode: Travis Barker on Promotion, Intuition and the Importance of Following Your Heart.


Genre: Investigative Journalism
What’s it all about: Where do I even start.? I'm not sure investigative journalism is even the correct genre. Its more like non fiction literature for your ears. From the creators of Serial and This American Life it's a compelling and heartbreaking story of the life of John B. Macklemore and Shit Town. 
Must listen to episode: Binge listen from beginning to end.

The Tim Ferris Show

Genre: Self Help/Business
What’s it about: Outside of being a good interviewer I personally find Tim himself is average at best. As a single guy who can’t live without his iCal, which is so full of work engagements, holidays, workouts, food routines, time etched out for mobility and meditation that I relate to him about zero amount. However, he interviews very interesting/successful people and really gets into their habits and rituals that got them to where they are and that make them tick. Its self help mixed with business that isn't really duplicated anywhere else. 
Must listen to episode: Tony Robbins & Jaime Foxx


Genre: Kiwi Local
What’s it about: If you love yoga, good vibes, and doing good in the world yet still want to kill it this podcast is for you. A down to earth kiwi interviewing a range of influential people in health and wellness business who are making a positive change, breaking paradigms, and creating the world they want to see. He's got good questions and super relatable. 
Must listen to episode: Ben Warren

Up and Vanished 

Genre: Investigative Journalism/Cold Case Files
What’s it about: As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a fan of investigative journalism. I come across a lot of very average podcast within this genre. However, recently I discovered Up and Vanished and well.... it's worth it. Rarely does cold case journalism ever actually end in a result and well, without giving away too much, this podcast actually makes a difference. With real time journalism, interviews with actual players, and just the way Payne Lindsey becomes emotionally invested it's hard not to binge the season away and be bummed when it's finished.
Must listen to episode: The whole thing. 

Bex Murphy - Doer of all things at Mala Earth, community connector, social media superstar & most importantly mumma of two