Bali Blog Series | A Month in Bali... June 29 2017

Waking to the sounds of the tropics each morning really does something magical for the soul, birds tweeting, water fountains, waves crashing, palm trees in the wind. It feels like an incredible chance to reset / re-balance. I don’t know if you’ve been to Bali, so if you have maybe you know what I mean when I say - it’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling and energy here, but there really is some magic in these islands. It’s no wonder the locals refer to Bali as the islands of the Gods!

I’ve been here in Bali of the last month to work with our family of Mala Makers at Aum Rudraksha Designs to learn more about their operations, and what exactly it is that makes things tick inside this business.

I’m working with our designers to bring some specially designed custom pieces to New Zealand and while I do I’m really looking forward to understanding, capturing and sharing what it is that makes these Mala’s so very special.

As I’ve embarked on this journey, I’ve now had my first few visits to the AUM workshop, and the truth is I’m absolutely blown away by the joy, generosity and good vibrations coming out of this wee unassuming workshop in Binging, Uluwatu. Each time I’ve been into the workshop I’ve left wondering is it the rudraksha seeds, the gemstones, and/or the mala makers themselves… likely a very unique combination of all these things colliding to create a very special kind of vibration!

Each visit so far, I’ve intended to go in for a short ‘causal look and see’ and each time I’ve ended up staying over ½ a day, chatting with the General Manager Gopal, and sitting with the designers and makers in the flow creating new designs for Mala Earth. All the while absorbing the soft Balinese banter, laughter and giggles from a wonderful team of women and men who are making our Mala’s.

Now having the chance to take the time to sit down on my bungalow patio, ready to capture the experience I’ve not been sure where to start with trying to explain what I’ve felt and discovered so far… Then it struck me, in the (paraphrased) words of Simon Sinek “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” …

So for us, coming to Bali has really reconnected us to our why, the why it is we do what we do, also to see and feel why it is that our designers at Aum Rudraksha do what they do… it’s compelling, and we really hope it helps to give insight and context to what sits behind our wee business.

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Rebecca Agent - Founder of Mala Earth, MBA, Sustainability Advocate, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Yogini and Traveller