The Blog | The Motivation Factor October 29 2017

Ok – let’s get serious. It’s honesty time here. I have about 15 things on my ‘really want to do/accomplish/goal list’. They look a little like this;

    • Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by watching what I’m eating, controlling my portions(actually measuring the food) and cutting out sugar.
    • Mentally boosting the way I feel about myself by doing 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.
    • Seriously clean the sh*t out of my house, which includes cleaning the inside of the picture window by the kitchen sink (it’s like impossible to get to).
    • Make more nutritious food for my picky toddler so his food bank will grow and I feel better about him getting healthy diet.
    • Get like SUPER caught up on work stuff, like put in SO MANY hours, so I feel like I’m killing it.
    • Paint the kids bedroom floors and make their rooms look cute and comfy (currently they are living in a construction site)
    • Be more mindful by spending 10 minutes a day in meditation

    The list goes on but basically follows this pattern of health, house, and being a better mum by doing x,y,z. Outside of time these goals are not ridiculously out of reach. It’s not like I’m asking to pay off my mortgage in the next 6 months. So why aren’t I doing them?!? Why...(ok more honesty here) there are several reason, like most night do I choose to Netflix and actually chill rather than ticking off some of this list. Seriously though... finishing all 4 seasons of The 100 is not on my ‘want to achieve list’ yet I’m closer to completing that then cleaning that damn picture window.

    I decided to use this opportunity to really dig deep and think about the why behind my lack of motivation to get sh*t done.
    This is what came to me:

    1. BURNOUT – I’ve just got too much 'other' going on. My daily routine, the things on my plate, it’s all just too much to get the oomph to work on what seems like relatively easy 'to do' list. I won’t go through what my daily workload looks like here but with the 1 hour of ‘free time’ I have a day it does make the reason I float towards sofa and Netflix more obvious. However, even though I do think that is a reason to give myself a little slack I don’t want it to be my excuse.

    2. DREADING IT – Basically the work is not worth the payoff of the completion. Or in simpler terms I just really really really don’t want to do it. So then that begs the question… why is it on the list? Maybe it’s time to pay someone to clean that window. Or does 5 days a week of exercise feel like so much that I don’t even do one day. Maybe it’s time to take a relook at that list and get more creative around how I can complete things and what I ACTUALLY want to do.

    3. LACK OF CLARITY – Why are these items on my to-do list? Are they wants? Or are they shoulds? Is it because it speaks to me? Or is it what other people are doing? Not being clear around the whys of your goals can really lead to being unmotivated in getting them ticked off.

    Obviously some change needs to happen. So how do I reignite my fire? I did a little research and these options really spoke to me.

    1. ONE GOAL – Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick a goal, get that one done, and then move on to the next. Trying to juggle all of the goals creates a roadblock that stops you from completing any of the goals. One thing at a time please.
    2. ORGANISE YO SELF – Make a list, clean your workspace, take a pee. Do what you have to do to be able to start, focus and give yourself the little, yet oh so important, tick of completion.
    3. REWARD – Give yourself a prize. No coffee until that 30 minute workout is done. Clean the window and get a pedicure. Make that dreaded goal more desirable by the prize you get at the end.
    4. RECOGNIZE WHEN YOU’RE AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME – Are you a morning person? In genius mode with coffee? Know when you kick butt and when you don’t and capitalise on the times that you’re your best.
    5. GIVE UP – Too tired, not being productive… let it go. Start again tomorrow and don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Most importantly people is to be kind to yourself. At the end of the day we are all doing the very best that we can.

    Bex Murphy - Doer of all things at Mala Earth, community connector, social media superstar & most importantly mumma of two