Activating Your Mala

Woman sitting outside in meditation position wearing mala necklace and mala bracelets

Once you have received your Mala, it is time to make it truly yours by ensuring the beads are infused with your energy and your intention. By taking the time to activate your Mala, you are creating a stronger and more personal connection with the manifesting power of the beads. 

Your Mala is a powerful tool designed to guide you in cultivating your dreams and desires. Activating the beads will align your Mala with your goals, unique energy and add power to your intentions. This allows your Mala to serve you in a much greater and deeper capacity.

We recommend performing a small intention setting ceremony to activate your Mala. As Monday is Lord Shiva day, it is most auspicious to preform this ceremony on this day to energize your Mala.

Intention Setting Ceremony

  • Create a quiet space where you feel calm and relaxed. Light a candle or your favourite incense and sit in a comfortable position.
    • Holding your Mala in your hand, close your eyes and slowly begin to lengthen your breath. Breathe.
      • State your intention to the beads with a clear and calm mind, moving each bead through your fingers. Avoid using your index finger, as it represents the ego.
        • Visualize yourself finding peace of mind and inner calmness.
          • Repeat this traditional Mantra at least three times for activating and sealing the energy in your Mala "Om Hrim Namah Shivaya Om".
            • Sit for 5 minutes or so to seal the energetic bond. Continue breathing slowly and relax with your Mala.

                Now that you have chosen your Mala and activated your Mala, learn how to use your Mala in your meditation practice.

                Make your desire your own reality. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti