What Currency is on the Website?

New Zealand Dollars is displayed, all orders will be charged in this currency.

Will my Mala look like the picture on the Website?

We have tried our very best to provide you with accurate photographs of our products. We believe the pictures fairly represent the Mala Earth catalogue of products.

Please know each piece is unique and often varies from one another in terms of size and colour. Also some stones will show slight imperfections due to the raw nature of semi-precious gemstones and rudraksha seeds. This is how you know our designers use only natural components.

We find that the beads have more depth than what can be shown online. Generally, customers have told us that these malas and mala bracelets look better in real life.

How is my Order shipped?

You'll find everything you need on our Shipping Info page.

What is the Durability of the Mala jewellery?

When Mala Jewellery is treated as a scared treasure, the pieces will last a long time.

Malas that are strung on light weight beading wire can have spacing which can vary anywhere from 1" to 1.25". This spacing is usual and is very important as it ensures durability of the products.

If you ever have a problem with your Mala please contact us at info@malaearth.com, we are happy to help.

How does the Mala Necklace and Bracelet Sizing work?

Specifications are listed within each product description. Please note: Each piece is unique and handmade therefore specifications are approximate.

How do I Store my Mala jewellery when not in use?

Each Mala comes with a complimentary elegant Mala bag. When your Mala is not in use, you can use this bag to store it in. We also recommend wearing your Mala whenever you can to keep your intentions and affirmations with you throughout the day.

How do I Care for my Mala Necklace and Bracelet?

Visit our Caring For Your Mala page.

What if I need a Repair later on?

As we are dealing with empowered sacred objects, a unique and personal bond is created between the wearer and the energized piece. If they are treated as personal treasures, these pieces can last a long time.

However, although it is not common, sometimes the energetic exchange can be so strong that soul jewellery may break “prematurely” due to energetic reasons personal to the wearer. This indicates that a release of past karmas has occurred causing a transformation of the intention with which the piece is worn, which is a break-through or leap of deep personal value.

As such, it indicates that the piece has completed the energetic job it was created to do, which is a very positive result. In such instances, each case is dealt with individually. Visit the Warranty & Repair Policy for more.

How do I Choose my Mala?

Visit our Choosing Your Mala page! Please note: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the wearer.

I brought a Mala but I can't find it on the Website?

Our collection continues to evolve so the products on our shop pages are in the current collection. If you can't see your product please email us at info@malaearth.com.

What if a Product I love is out of stock?

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. We post regularly and will let you know when new stock comes in! Need more information? Please email us at info@malaearth.com.