Gemstones A-Z

Woman holding gemstones in her hands

Semi-precious gemstones have been used by many cultures around the world and throughout the ages as talismans thought to embody energetic properties that help support, guide and enhance one’s personal journey through life. Each stone is believed to hold their unique vibration of metaphysical healing properties benefiting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Through the path of self-discovery and healing, learning how to harness gemstones energies can be used to bring forth enlightenment in one’s life and achieving balance and harmony.

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Gemstones A-B

Agate - Blue Lace Agate - Fire Agate - Moss Agate - Amazonite - Amber - Amethyst - Apatite - Aquamarine - Aventurine, Green - Aventurine, Red - Bloodstone

Gemstones C-H

Carnelian - Chalcedony, Blue - Chrysoprase - Citrine - Fluorite - Garnet - Hematite - Howlite 

Gemstones I-K

Jade, Green - Jasper - Fancy Jasper - Flower Jasper - Leopardskin Jasper - Mookaite Jasper - Picture Jasper - Rainforest Jasper - Red Jasper - Unakite Jasper - Kyanite

Gemstone L-P

Lapis Lazuli - Lava - Malachite - Moonstone - Obsidian - Onyx - Opal - Peridot - Prehnite - Pyrite

Gemstone Q-Z

Quartz, Clear - Quartz, Rose - Quartz, Smoky - Rhodochrosite - Rhodonite - Selenite - Serpentine - Sodalite - Tiger’s Eye - Turquoise

The metaphysical healing properties of stones are an alternative medicine technique and have not been scientifically proven. It is recommended to view this information as speculative in nature, and to evaluate it from one’s own experiences. It is not meant to replace your current medical treatment plan nor intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. It is advised to consult a physician and seek professional medical advice about any physical, medical, psychological, or emotional matters that may require diagnosis or medical attention.