How to Care and Cleanse Mala Jewellery

How to Care for your Mala

With regular use you may find you want to clean or cleanse your Malas and Mala Bracelets on occasion.

Rudraksha Malas can be gently cleaned using warm water and mild eco-friendly soap. You can soak them overnight if you wish for a deeper clean and can use a gentle brush to remove any impurities from the seeds, remember to fully dry before wearing again.

The Rudraksha seeds will darken over time with the oils from your skin, this enhances the benefits found in the seeds and also strengthens them. You can give your Mala some extra love by oiling them on occasion with a coconut or sandalwood oil, this will also ensure they do not dry out over their lifetime.

All semi-precious gemstones need to be treated with care as these gems can crack with force, particularly amber and turquoise which have natural fracture lines within the stones already. You will need to clean your gems gently. A simple glass cleaning cloth or micro-fibre cloth is perfect for cleaning and polishing these Mala beads. Do not use harsh substances or cleaning products on any of your Mala jewellery.

Over time the tassels can begin to show wear. You can dip these in warm water with a mild eco-friendly soap, you can comb the strands and hang or lay flat to dry overnight. You can even trim the ends if needed to give your Mala a lovely tidy-up.

How to Cleanse your MalaMala Cleansing

These spiritually powerful pieces carry energies within them that at times may need resetting or recalibrating. It is not advised to lend your Mala to someone else for wearing as these pieces absorb our energies over time making them become more powerful for the wearer. If you have someone else wear your Mala you may wish to cleanse and reset the piece before re-wearing.

There are many ways to cleanse your Mala, so here are a few powerful ways we have cleansed ours:

  • Lay the Mala out under a full moon once a month for a natural recharge.
  • Burn Palo Santo or Sage to release energies that do not serve.
  • Create a Mala Mandala by laying the new Mala either on your shrine, and/or encircled with any other crystals and special pieces you may have in your collection for transference of energy.
  • Other useful tools for Mala cleansing can be Himalayan rock salt, sea salt bath (please be careful with potential iron deposits, when iron comes into contact with salt is can leave rust spots on your crystals), singing bowls, chanting and the use of a pendulum.

When you receive your new Mala, listen to your intuition for the requirement to cleanse the piece. All our beautiful Malas have been blessed before being sent to Mala Earth so a cleansing ceremony isn’t necessary all of the time, but your intuition is always your best guide.