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We are excited to introduce Mala Earth, a beautiful new online store that has just launched in New Zealand. Mala Earth offers a beautiful collection of Mala Necklaces and Bracelets. Check out their website for information and resources such as, What are Malas, How to Choose One and How to use your Mala as a form of Meditation.

They are aiming to become a sustainable company and have partnered with designers and Mala Makers who show a commitment to working in an ethical and fair-trade way. Mala Earth believe everyone can benefit from wearing these beautiful pieces, it really is “jewellery for your soul” and they have generously offered our studio a special discount!

So use ‘(NOTE FOR STUDIO - Please email for your unique code to be inserted here)’ at the checkout to be gifted 10% off your purchase and don't forget to signup to their newsletter and follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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