Warranty and Repair Policy


  1. We offer a 30-day End-User Limited Warranty. Our 30-day End-User Limited Warranty covers only manufacturing defects, which excludes malfunction or deterioration resulting from accidents, misuse or negligence.
  2. Our Limited Warranty covers all of our products, except for those strung on elastic. In addition, this Limited Warranty does not include the discoloration of metals, including the wearing-off of gold plating, as this is commonly caused by a chemical reaction uniquely individual to the wearer.
    1. As we are dealing with empowered sacred objects, a unique and personal bond is created between the wearer and the energized piece. If they are treated as personal treasures, these pieces can last a long time.
    2. However, although it is not common, sometimes the energetic exchange can be so strong that soul jewellery may break “prematurely”, due to energetic reasons personal to the wearer. This indicates that a release of past karmas has occurred causing a transformation of the intention with which the piece is worn, which is a break-through or leap of deep personal value.
    3. As such, it indicates that the piece has completed the energetic job it was created to do, which is a very positive result. In such instances, each case is dealt with individually.
  3. If you have purchased an item within the last 30-days and wish to make an enquiry about the Warranty Process please email info@malaearth.com

Mala Necklace Repairs only;

  1. For products that fall outside of the above 30-day End-User Limited Warranty we will look at the circumstances on a case by case basis, this excludes shipping.
  2. Once a decision has been made on a Repair, the customer must fill out and email a Repair Request Form to info@malaearth.com prior to shipping. A Customer Service Team member will immediately handle the request and provide further Repair Instructions.

            1. The customer will ship, at their own cost the product for repair to the below address along with an enclosed, printed and completed Repair Request Form.

             2.Please allow 6-10 weeks for repair and shipping.

               3. Mala Earth is not responsible for any items lost in the repair process.

        1. All products for Repair are to be shipped to:
        MALA EARTH New Zealand
        Attn: Repairs Co-Ordinator
        PO Box 65-136 Mairangi Bay
        Auckland 0754, New Zealand
        email: info@malaearth.com