Earth Mala [Wholesale]


Jasper is derived from a Greek word meaning "spotted stone" because they can include up to 20% foreign materials which accounts for it's number of colour variations and patterns. The Earth Mala with Rainforest Jasper is quite literally of this earth, it is a powerful piece representing our magnificent and majestic planet. How fortunate we are to be sharing this land, these oceans and this planet at this time in our lives.

This Mala can be worn both on and off the mat and also as a wrapped bracelet. Keep this Mala near to remember the stewardship responsibility we have to Planet Earth.

Specifications: 108 beads.  Rudraksha & Jasper (Rainforest) at 7mm.  Hangs 44cm in length.

Each piece is unique therefore specifications are approximate, in addition, please know these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the wearer. 

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