Reclining Buddha Statue


Handcrafted in Bali, this bronze and green painted statue is known as reclining Buddha. This is Buddha in his last hours before his passing. It was in that moment when Buddha entered parinirvana or nirvana-after-death, which is a state of enlightenment. The serene and smiling expression portrays the compassion and calmness that comes with the enlightenment.

Buddha is calming and peaceful, and this statue is the perfect yin to anyone who lives in the yang of a hectic and active lifestyle. Just place him in any room or meditation area in your home to feel the balancing effects.

When it catches your eye it will be a reminder of your intentions and practice, bringing you an energy of peace, calm, serenity and simplicity.

For more information on mudras and the meaning of these buddhas have a read of our blog here.


Specifications: Bronze with green paint. Handcrafted in Bali. Approx. 7cm high. Please note, each piece is unique therefore specifications are approximate.

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