Trio of Bronze Buddha Statues


"One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world". - Buddha

Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation space or add some energetic protection to your home these 3 sitting buddhas with different mudras (hand positions) is the perfect addition. 

Bhumisparsha (earth witness) Mudra - with one palm resting on Buddha's knee and one facing down in his lap this hand mudra is an iconic gesture referred to as "earth witness" or "touching the earth". This represents unshakability or steadfastness in witnessing the truth.

Dhyana (meditation) Mudra - with both hands, palms facing up, resting in Buddhas lap it represents the gesture of total balance, calm and meditation. The right hand symbolizes wisdom and awareness and the left one symbolizes the illusion of existence.

Abhaya (fearlessness) Mudra - With the right hand of Buddha raised, palm facing out, and the left hand down toward the hips, also facing out, this mudra symbolizes peaceful intentions, protection and fearlessness.

Each of these beautiful Buddha's fills you with the feelings of the energy of protection, peacemaking and a sense of strong, deep inner security. Place them together or around your home to promote the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

Specifications: Bronze, handcrafted in Bali , approx. 6cm high. Please note, each piece is unique therefore specifications are approximate.

For more information on mudras and the meaning of these buddhas have a read of our blog here.

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